(Article of the Geneva Tribune of 1 August 2016)

How to repair your iPhone at the best price

Technology: Rates for the replacement of a window vary between 110 and 145 francs for a 5S.

Article TDG 01.08.2016

While the Apple brand offers appointments five days (or more)
After request, some shops do the repair within the hour. In the worst of
Case, some signs will make you wait the next morning to recover
your phone. « Some models can be repaired in twenty minutes,
Offers you the coffee and all that with the smile», says a salesman of GSM
.The brand, present in Lausanne and Geneva, also offers the guarantee
For one year on the LCD. For a iPhone 5S, The repair costs 139 francs,
A little less than at the Apple Store, where it will cost 145 francs. 63 (and where the guarantee
In case of bad installation is only valid for three months).

«The price of the repair depends on the iPhone», says a saleswoman of SOS Laptops,
Small shop near the train station of Cornavin, Geneva. The smartphone is scarce
Or recent, the repair will be expensive. For its part, Ecotechnic proposes to repair
The iPhone 5S for 110 francs. "This includes the price of the glass and the labor,
Says the repairman.

For the more adventurous and do-it-yourselfers still remains the repair "home". A ride on
Internet to watch a tutorial will surely be needed. For tools and glass,
two possibilities. Some repairers also offer them. About twenty
Of francs for the tools and a hundred for the LCD (for an iPhone 5S).
On the Internet, prices remain cheaper, but it will not be until the
delivery. (TDG)